Card Games Rules

BlackJack - Card Game

This game belongs to the category of casino banking games like Baccarat, Macao etc. The only difference between those games and blackjack in the scoring and evaluation of the face cards

1) The number of players is unlimited therefore usually Blackjack is played with one, two or more full deck of 52 cards.

3) All players may be dealers, but each in his turn.

4) Shooter deals two cards to all players, including himself.

5) Bets are not limited, and each player can bet as much as he pleases.

6) The whole point of the twenty-one is to score 21 points.

7) Dealer looks at his cards first, and if he has a conditional 21 points, he must immediately show them to other players and in this case the game must stop, he wins all bets from opponents.

8) If the required number of points did not come at the first shuffling the cards, you can make it through additional community cards permitted for punter, and for the banker.

9) You can Hit no more than three times. Can buy a maximum of three cards

10) The dealer wins if in his hand he have more points than the player has, without going over 21.

11) On the other hand, players whose points exceeded the banker's points, WINS and receive the same sum, which equal his initial bet.

12) But the punters, the sum of the cards are the same as the points of the banker, doesn't lose and doesn't win. Bets are taken back.

13) The Players to whom 21 points came during the first draw (initials two cards), are getting twice from his bet

14) All figures cards in BlackJack are evaluated on 10 points each, Ace is a unique card and can be evaluated in two ways, it can cost 1 point or 11 points. Each player in its discretion determines its price. All remaining cards correspond to the evaluation of them, the two costs 2, the three cost 3 points.

15) According to the rules of BlackJack the additional purchase is performed in the same order in which it is provided the delivery of cards.

16) If the bettor has 21 points immediately, and the banker will make the same amount after buying the community cards, the cards of the gambler have more advantage in comparison with the banker, in this case all bets are paid twice.

17) If the bettor has a number of points close to twenty-one, not worth it to buy more, because it's easy to exceed 21. The closest numbers can be 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20 points.

18) The punter or the croupier, who purchased or collected is more than 21 points, lose.

19) If, at the same time, the banker and the bettor will have the same cards (the cards value is equals), in this case, none of them wins or loses. With equal value of cards the advantage on the side of those who does not buy in cards.

Example: the dealer has two kings (what is 20 points) and the player has six and nine after buying one more (let's it was five) he combine on his hands 20 points. In this case, the winner is dealer.

20) If the banker had to buy the cards, he pays all bets to the gamblers twice over. When the banker ends the waist, and all the cards of both decks of cards (52 cards), he must pass the Bank to the next player, who sits on the left.

21) After each waist in BlackJack, the banker shuffles the cards and makes the proposal to examine, to the punter, which sits on the right from him.