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Welcome to Pravilakart.com. This site is for everyone who thinks of card games as the way to spend time with benefit. Materials presented on the pages as a description of the rules for card games. So, if you wish to improve your skills in card games will not be difficult to find complete information of card games. Everyone will be able to find useful information, be it beginner or an experienced player.

Games have always been a way for humans to combat boredom. For fun or just for a fun pastime people always resort to games. But with the passage of time many of them have lost their popularity, rules many of them were changed or forgotten, or just went out of fashion. On the contrary, card games can be considered as such type of games that will never lose their popularity. For many centuries they have attracted the attention of mankind. Because to become a card-player, doesn't matter your age or social status, education or physical shape. You could say that the nature of card games is unique. Rules of card games, which creates an infinite variety of combination for the same set of cards (the deck can be changed only in the quantity used for playing cards). And it can serve as a relaxing and enjoyable way to enjoy the play or chat with your partner at the card table. Pravilakart.com provides a description of the rules of card gambling and commercial gaming.

Gambling card games luck or risk.

The presence of good luck are very important for this kind of card games

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In his absence, even practical skills, not very helpful. If you prefer this type of card game, it is necessary to develop such qualities as self-control and emotional ability to restrain impulses. Card gambling can be described in one word: risk. It is the possibility to risk and win a fortune in just one bet leads a human at the card table. Such an opportunity is clearly visible in the more or lesser known games such as: twenty one (Black Jack), Baccarat, Macau, the Ninth wave, Victoria.

One of the most important conditions for a card game is to keep the silence. You can only use expressions which are provided for rules of card games. Because any talks, can be interpreted as cheating. And quite rightly can be punished. Penalties (fines) for such violations (or others mistakes) are also described in the rules of card games offered here on our website.

Trick-taking games

This type of card games has a huge number of fans, and it's all because

Influence of card games in art

is a way to not only fascinating to spend time, but also a good opportunity to train the mind. This type of card games cannot be taken lightly. Rules of Trick-taking card games are quite large and require careful consideration. There is not enough random luck. After all, we play with a real enemy and not against the theory of probability. For example, Preference, Whist, Bezique, Sixty-six. Therefore, trick-taking games require a work of the mind, quick wit, continuous improvement of skills. Contribute to the development of intellectual abilities and logical thinking.

Gambling card games, Trick-taking games. The strategy of the game.

immersion into the world of card games has two sides

Whatever card game you choose, or which type you would prefer, know the rules is necessary if you wish to win. But even with a detailed knowledge of the rules, for a newcomer will be hard to understand all the tricks and tactics of card game. So, that why the tips on the basic issues of games strategy, are included in the descriptions of the General rules of card games in pravilakart.com. And that no doubt will be useful at an early stage of study of the card game, as for beginners and for experienced players, who want to try out new games. Each visitor on our site will be able to master any card game, without the need any extra help or additional information or whatever. Background material proposed for reading, also contains a description of the rules for variations of already known card games or for different numbers of players, which allowed in card game rules. The articles also present examples of plays, talks, points calculations, payments or fines. What in our opinion is very important for novice players lacking expertise and who makes the first steps. We believe that, looking at pravilakart.com you Dear visitor already know exactly what you are interested and what rules of card games you would like to explore.

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Those who decided to join us, to learn how to play correctly and competently, and, of course, win in card battles may I wish a light hand and big winnings!

Rules of card games. Gambling card games, Trick-taking games