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Macau - Card Game Rules

If you examine, the gambling card games, in detail, it is quite natural that your attention will be attracted by the card game, such as Macau. The rules of this game are simple and uncomplicated. Macau belongs to those kinds of games, which can be considered as more or less monotonous, but it's not boring, perhaps due to the fact that particularly, this card game is played in cash without any record of the bets. The influence of luck in this game is extremely important, without having luck on your side, can be very easy to lose.

1) The number of players in Macao can vary from two to ten, and even more.

2) The game must be played with two complete decks, which are thoroughly mixed.

3) Players must occupy their seats, at the card table by the value of the cards. Distribution always starts the one who took the lowest valued card.

4) The distribution is as follows: the dealer deals each player, not excluding himself, one card.

5) The right to look at this card has only those to whom it belongs.

6) Bets are determined before the game. No one has the right to put more or less than the amounts that have agreed.

7) The meaning of the game, as in most other card games of chance, is to collect a certain number of points.

8) The card game-Macao offers the opportunity of winning, to those who got the nine points, right from the first time, or for those who will make 9 points from two cards.

9) In Macao, there is also a possibility to get an additional card. The dealer has to give a card, to each participant who wants it.

10) Face cards and tens are not considered in combination, and the players have the right to reject them and make a request for new card.

11) Ace valued at 1 point, 2 points for deuce, etc.

12) Below are some combinations that are considered as very successful. If in your hands you have an ACE, very good if you can get 8, 7 or 6, however if you have two, it would be great to get 6, 7 or 5. With three points, it is necessary to obtain 6, 5 or 4.

13) A distinctive feature of the card game - Macau from other games of chance, can be considered the rules of exceeding points. The sum of cards that go beyond the nine points is considered to be a losing combination. Thus, the purchase of nine with the four in hand, gives only 3 point, and the acquisition of seven points to five, will give only 2 points, and so on.

14) If the bettor will have nine points on the first try, and there was no additional card, the banker pays three times the amount of the bet. However, only when he (the dealer) has a lower card value.

15) With 8 points at first time, without buying additional card, the double amount of the bet.

16) Having seven points after the first distribution, a single bet.

17) To punter who have made nine, eight or seven points after purchase additional card also pays a single bet.

18) But all these payments, the banker produce only under the condition, that he himself has a card, whose value is less than everything that was mentioned.

19) According to the , the cards of the banker, which are equal to the cards of gambler has advantage, and therefore all bettors are paying to the dealer: by nine points - triple bet, by eight - twice, by seven points - single bet.

20) Dealer, with 8 points, pays the stipulated bets, to those players who have 9 points, and receives from others.

21) Dealer, with 7 points, pays the stipulated bets, to those players who have 9 and 8 points, and receive from others.

22) Dealer, with 6 points, pays the bets, to those players who have 9, 8 and 7 points, and receive from others.

23) Dealer, with 5 points, pays the stipulated bets, to players with 6, 7 and higher, and receives from others etc. in the same order. The dealer pays out to all punters, whose points exceed the value of his cards.

24) In Macao, as well as in others games of chance, after the end of the deck of cards, the bank is passed to the player, on the left side from the banker, then proceeds to the next one, and so on, until the end of the game.

Macau - Card Game Rules