Card Games Rules

Ninth Wave - Description Card Game Rules

This is the type of casino card games. Description of rules of card game - Ninth wave does not take a long time. The game uses two decks with 32 cards each. One of these is in the hands of the dealer and the other at punter. The process of the game is as follows: each player chooses a card from a deck (or two or three) and put the money at this card (bet), the bet amount is unlimited. After that, the dealer shuffles the cards and gives their, to remove, to the one of the players. Then the game begins. The banker should start with the card from the top of the deck, which holds on in his hands, face down, and then spread the playing cards in order in five lines. Besides, the first four lines are composed of two cards, and the last contains a single card. So, on the table only nine cards are present, which are called the Ninth wave.

The calculation must be carried out in the following way

If the player’s card falls into the first row, then the banker pays a sum equal, which was in bet.

For example, 1 $ for 1 $.

But if the card, on which the player has bet, falls into the second row, the banker pays twice, i.e. 20 by 10.

In the third row, four times.

In the fourth row, eight times.

And finally, in the last row, the banker pays nine times more than the value of the bet.

According to the rules of the card game - ninth wave, bets of those cards that do not falls in any row, wins the dealer. It should be noted that the dealer loses, only if the card that was opened, is identical in the value and suit of the card of the punter.

Well, as mentioned at the beginning, a description of the card game rules of the Ninth wave, did not take lot of time. Overall, a card game Ninth wave much better than macau, baccarat or other games of chance, although, if not much more ruinous than the other games.