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The Rules of the Card Game - Thirteen

The rules of the card game - Thirteen, is simple as, all other similar games of this type, based on the probability and the game itself, carried out almost mechanically way. To play in Thirteen has to use a deck of 52 cards. The number of players is unlimited. For the first time, the dealer is always the player who takes out from a deck of playing, the card with lower value. Then, the Bank passed from one player to another, in a circle, from right to left.

The process of this card game - thirteen, consists of the following:

Each bettor can make a bet of any sum of money, and of course, asking about the size of the bet, before entering in the game. The punter, bet his money not on a particular card, but simply place them at the card table, by his side. When all bets are made. The dealer reveals the cards from the deck one by one and pronounced them, opening the first card:

-Two! Opening the second card:-Three!

Third: - Four!

Fourthly: - Five!

Fifth: - Six!

Sixth: - Seven!

Seventh: - Eight!

Eighth: - Nine

Ninth: - ten!

Tenth: - Jack

Eleventh: - Queen!

Twelfth: - King!

Thirteenth: - Ace!

If the dealer during this enumeration, not guessing, evens a single card, i.e. did not reveal card which was called, he pays each punter, as much as they bet. But, if the dealer guess was correct, in other words, will reveal that card, which he called, he wins all bets of punters.

Example: the dealer, opening the fifth card, and pronounced: "six!", and the fifth card was actually six; or says: "ten!", and ten was opened. In accordance with the rules of the card game - thirteen, in the first case, i.e. when the dealer not guessed not a single card and subsequently lost, the bank goes to the player on his left. The next player shuffles the cards, gives them to remove, to his neighbor on the right and leads the game in the same order. If the second dealer, has not guessed even a single cards, the bank goes to the next player, etc. But if the dealer guess was correct, then he should keep the Bank again for the second time, if he also won, the third time and so on until he lose. By the rules of the card game - thirteen, is not allowed to shuffle the cards after each time, is allowed only when all the decks card reaches the end, and have to start guess from the beginning. After guessing the card, it all start over.

For example, the banker guessed five, after receiving bets of the players, he begins to enumerate cards, again, etc. The card, which follows after the five, will be called - two and so on. The banker is obliged to open the card, slowly, and one by one, put them on a table in a smooth pile.

The rules of the card game - Thirteen